You know I always found multiplayer games fascinating, especially competitive ones. There is something special about challenging other people, as if it helps you to get motivated, it helps you to improve yourself, it pushes you out of your comfort zone… I think there was even some sort of study, I have read about it a couple of years ago and it somehow just stuck in my mind, anyway, the article was about the benefits of online games and how they were improving cognitive functions.

Today I want to present you one of my favorite online games – Snake io, we will discuss important aspects of this game below, stay with us and you will learn a lot about this thrilling online game.

About the game
Generally speaking, this game represents a huge map full of people playing as snakes, your goal in Little Big Snake is to defeat as many opponents as you can. At the early stage of the game, you should focus on finding small food, eating insects, etc. This will allow you to grow in size a little bit so you can deal with other players more confidently. Now defeating other players requires from you pretty good maneuvering skills and fast reaction, as you know you should avoid at all costs crushing into your opponents, this is an instant loss. What you want to do is to trap them with your body, somehow force them to impact your snake, and this way they will explode leaving energy bubbles behind that you can use to grow further in size.

This is a pretty harsh and cruel world, either you lose or your opponent!

In order to increase the speed of your movement press your mouse, be careful though, you don’t want to move too fast, otherwise, you will have small time for response and avoiding impact. Try to move carefully across the map, collect small bugs, free energy bubbles and once you are big enough then you can encounter other players.

Also, while moving across the map analyze the situation around you, how many opponents are there, how big are they, where they go, etc. This awareness most likely will improve your chances of success.

Skins and cosmetics
In the main menu, there are so many features and options available that it will make your head dizzy, one of my favorite ones is the option to change the cosmetics of your snake. There are so many cool-looking skins there, some of them are even animated and look super dope. There are skins that can be unlocked by earning exp points, there are skins that can be unlocked by completing challenges and there are skins that can be bought.

Tons of options can be found there, take a look at the main menu of the game and check out everything yourself, trust me you will love it.

In the main menu, you will also find button rating, here you can check the top players of the game, their statistics, how well they performed, how many kills they have, etc. If you will try hard enough, you may even find your name among top-tier gamers. Just make sure that you grow as big as you can and defeat as many opponents as possible.

Gifts, gems, etc.
The game has a reward system of its own, you get free boxes from time to time, there you might find gems, coins, exp points, etc. From time to time check the main menu of the game, you get tons of rewards from playing the game regularly, I really love this feature of Snakeio, makes the game so much more interesting and fun…

Usually, coins and gems can be used for buying various stuff, skins, power-ups, and other coll things. Some challenges also give your shiny things, check main menu guys from time to time, you won’t be disappointed.

This one, boy I love this side of the game, check the bottom icons in the main menu of the game, you will find a button named evolution, click it. You will find a lot of different graphs and tabs there, generally speaking, each block represents a completely unique characteristic of your snake, the best part is, you can improve it, you can easily improve every aspect of your snake. You can increase the speed of growth from nectar, you can get more points from devouring insects, you can improve movement speed, etc. Seriously, there are so many things in this game, just check this window yourself.

Shopping in the game
Yup, we have our own store in the game, for real-world money you can buy various coins and as you know coins in the game can give your the opportunity to improve your snake. I mean you can even evolve with a help of coins or you can buy cool-looking skins or do both of them. There are many different options, boy I love this game and the opportunities that it can offer.

Mobile version as well
Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better along comes a mobile version of the game as well, seriously, I don’t know who are people behind this game are, but they know what they are doing for sure. Never mind, check our download links below and enjoy the game from your phone as well, you will love it.

Video guide
Wanna see how big some snakes in the game can get? It is absolutely ridiculous, to be honest, and if it wasn’t recorded I wouldn’t believe it. Check out the following video from YouTube, the game is absolutely crazy guys and I just can’t stop loving it!

Snake io is an outstanding online game, it is so fun and entertaining that you will get addicted to it in no time and you will love every bit of it. I can talk about this game all day long, how cool the graphics of the game are, how many features it has, how many opportunities it can offer, etc. You will get bored most likely from my talking so let’s go straight to the business, just scroll up, hit that play button, and enjoy the game, there is no possible way for your to get disappointed in this game, like zero chance.